Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy can assist clients who have suffered an injury or undergone an operation. It can also be used to assist in building your range of motion, flexibility and strength, to help you become a better athlete. Whether you enjoy social competition, regularly compete in distance running or cycling, or simply want to improve your flexibility, let our exercise therapy programs help you.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiologists aim to improve a patient's range of motion and strength by developing a suitable exercise program. An exercise physiologist is particularly helpful for clients who have suffered an injury and are trying to regain levels of function.

Our exercise physiologists will work with you to create an individualised exercise plan to suit your physical ability, lifestyle and goals. We can teach you specific exercises to help you to reach your ideal fitness or strength level. To enhance your sporting performance, improve your overall health or to learn how to exercise if you suffer from diabetes, cardiac or respiratory problems, consult with one of our exercise physiologists.

Specialised Physiotherapy Exercise

Whether you need therapeutic or prescription exercise plans to improve your strength, function and mobility, or you need rehabilitation after an injury, Physio Noosa is the place to visit.

Our exercise plans can be designed to benefit or improve:

  • Muscular strength
  • Motion range in your joints
  • Weight loss
  • Physical ability
  • Anxiety levels
  • General well being
  • Sleeping patterns

Developing a customised plan ensures that any weaknesses or imbalances are identified, something that is vital for post-injury or rehabilitation clients. We can help to increase your overall fitness and well being without putting you at risk of further injury or pain.


The experienced physiotherapists of Physio Noosa can provide guidance, support and physical techniques for patients who are ready for rehabilitation. We provide exercise therapy and rehabilitation services for patients that have undergone orthopaedic or spinal surgery, as well as injury and functional decline.

Our staff will communicate with your specialist to assist in developing a rehabilitation plan. During the initial consultation we discuss treatment options, time frames, your goals and planned outcomes, so that we have a clear plan of how to achieve this. Physio Noosa have a range of equipment onsite, which allows us to walk you through proper techniques to help you manage the rehabilitation stage.

Therapy products

So that our clients can manage their health at home, as well as receiving physical treatment, we carry a range of products to assist with our therapies. These products can be used while undergoing exercise therapy.

Our product range includes:

  • Wheat packs
  • Tiger balm
  • Ice packs
  • Sporting tape
  • Posture braces
  • Orthopaedic braces
  • Splints

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